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Terms And Conditions

You shall bear in mind, that the English form of the Terms And Condtions (T&C) of this website is translated to other languages, only for convenience. In case of any contradiction between the English form of the T&C and any translated form of the T&C, the terms of English form will govern any translated form.

Article 1: Acceptance of Terms

When registering, the trader accepts all of the general conditions related to the utilization of the Site along with general trading rules set by The trader declares having read and being aware of Terms. The consumer’s right of withdrawal cannot be applied to the provision of the services regarding the present Terms.

This document is intended for both men and women without distinction. The Site time is Greenwich Mean Time (G.M.T.).

Article 2: Personal Data

2.1 The submission by the trader of personal data collected under the provisions of the Terms is mandatory and determines the validation of his registration and therefore the trader’s right to participate in trading. The failure to submit all required data will prevent the trader from participating in trades from all websites and mobile sites.

2.2 Information on trader’s rights
The trader is informed that the request to open a trader account constitutes a waiver of his right to oppose, for legitimate reasons, his personal data being subject to any treatment and evaluation. The trader is informed of his rights regarding his personal data and, in particular, the right to prior information, the right of access to his personal data, and the right to correct and update his personal data.
These rights may be exercised by the trader, after submitting sufficient proof of his identity, by writing to OPTIMARKETS LTD, United Kingdom; by completing the form available from the “Contact Us” location on the homepage of the Site.

2.3 The purposes of the trader’s personal data processing are:
Trading management, given the subcontractor(s) and supplier(s) [provider(s)] of the company may have access to them because of their support activities but are not allowed to use them for other purposes
The use for marketing purposes, but with his express consent
The personal data being processed are likely to be those regarding the identity and contact information of the trader; the payment instruments used; the marital, economic and financial status of the trader; the commercial relationship; and data collected during the trading.

2.4 Use of cookies
 will implement “cookies” in the trader’s computer. Cookies store information about the trader’s navigation on the Site. may use cookies to store information that the trader has provided voluntarily. The trader may block the use of cookies by configuring his browser.

2.5 Personal data shelf life
Personal data is kept for a period of five (5) years from the closing of the corresponding trader’s account. At the end of this period, will delete the data.

2.6 Checking the accuracy of information supplied by the trader
The Company will check the veracity of the data provided and/or sent by the trader. It may, at any time, ask the trader to send one or more additional supporting documents to confirm his identity, his majority or any other information about him. If the documents submitted by the trader indicates that the trader is actually under the age of eighteen (18), his account will be automatically deactivated and closed. If the data sent is incorrect, the account will be automatically deactivated and closed. If the trader has an account balance, the closing of an account will automatically freeze the available assets. The trader can obtain payment of his available assets by providing the required documents. If suspects that the use of the trading account is linked to money laundering or terrorist financing, the account will be disabled and closed.

2.7 Changes of personal data
Through the use of the interface of his account, the trader can modify his personal data, excluding certain details. When a change relates to information on marital status, the trader shall provide with the new information within one (1) month. When a change relates to his repayment account’s information, the trader shall provide with the new information prior to making any withdrawal request.


Article 3: Trader Account Funding

3.1 Available Assets
The money provided by the trader to on his trader’s account and the potential gains of the trader are considered “liquid assets” of the trader. Assets available in the trader’s account are intended to be invested only within the framework of - operated transactions, accessible by Internet and mobile Internet. The trader’s account does not constitute a payment account and cannot be used as such. Therefore, assets available in the trader’s account are not a bank deposit or other activity receiving funds and are not interest-bearing.

3.2 Instruments of payment accepted for funding
The trader can make deposits to his account by:
- Bank transfer
- Credit card payments.

3.3 Minimum and maximum trading account funding amounts

3.3.1 Regardless of the payment instrument used, the funding amount cannot be less than €200. Regardless of the payment instrument used.

n addition, the trader is informed that other restrictions and limitations may be applied and that some payment instruments may include limits that does not control and is not responsible for.

3.4 Balance of the trader’s account
The trader’s available assets, together with the “trading bonus” that may grant him, constitute the trader account balance. However, this “trading bonus” cannot lead to transfer on a repayment account.

3.5 Bonus and promotional offers
 offers to all its new traders a welcome bonus of up to hundred percent (100%) on their first deposit up to €10,000. The trader is obliged to carry out transactions totaling a minimum of thirty times the amount of his bonus before he can withdraw any funds resulting from his investments and/or gains.

The trading bonus is automatically added into the trading account after it is granted; it is the client’s responsibility to contact customer support to ask not to get a trading bonus; by accepting the bonus, the trader therefore accepts the terms and conditions attached to trading bonus grants.

The bonus is not cashable and is automatically withdrawn from the account during a withdrawal request.

3.6 Cancellation of operations
The trader is informed and accepts that can cancel a payment made by the trader to fund his trading account in the event that the transaction would be cancelled upstream by the trader or by the service provider for the payment and that can cancel the subsequent operations that could have been made by the trader on the funds subject to cancelled payment. The trader is informed and accepts that the amount of compensation that would have to pay its suppliers if the trader’s bank does not respect the transaction would be borne by the trader only.


Article 4: Withdrawal

4.1 Terms of repayment of available assets
The assets available in a trader’s account cannot be transferred, in whole or in part, and can only be repaid through the payment methods accepted and used by Transfers are necessarily made by bank transfer.

4.2 Transfer
The first withdrawal is without any costs, and no handling charges or commissions will be deducted from the withdrawn amount.
At any time, except in case of trader’s account blocking out or closing, the trader may request, via the management interface of his trading account, the repayment of all or part of his available assets. After online confirmation by the trader, will forward to his bank the amount to the benefit of the beneficiary within fourteen (14) working days following the withdrawal request.
Each repayment cannot be less than €200. Note that some transfers may incur additional charges which will be borne by the trader.

4.3 Additional checks
 may be required to perform identity checks and request additional documents in the event of a significant demand for repayment.

4.4 OPTIMARKETS supports the training that it provides its traders with and invests both financial and human resources to allow each customer to get support and training in financial trading. This is why you will be able to withdraw the amount of your initial deposit only after a period of 15 days from the date of your deposit.

4.5 Withdrawal requests are subject to a process of identification of the trader. No Withdrawal will be honored before the trader supplies us with the proof that he is the account’s owner and the owner of the payment method used for the withdrawal.

Article 5: Responsible trading

5.1 stresses that online trading is a speculative financial activity that is not a method to get rich quickly or to repay debts.  There is no formula which guarantees a successful trade and no loan should be taken to repay debts. Direct transfers from one trader account to another trader account are prohibited because they can be a form of trading on credit and even, in some cases, a cause of debt. offers the trader a system to manage his business through Customer Support Service.

5.2 After registering, the trader may ask for his exclusion and a temporary or permanent block of his account. It is solely the decision of whether or not to close the account. Once the account is disabled, no other transaction will be accepted and, in accordance with trader’s request, the account will be closed. In the latter case, does not pay the balance of his account. The balance of the trading account will be considered as lost.

5.3 The Customer Support Service provides support to all traders, regardless of their location, in real time, fourteen (14) hours a day, six (6) days a week. Customer Support Service can be contacted free of charge by telephone, by chat service and by email which are available at

5.4 reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to block or close the trader’s account and to not offer the available assets if OPTIMARKETS LTD believes that the trader has a problem of addiction to trading and that the continuous use of its services prejudices the trader’s health and welfare.

Article 6: Liability

6.1 may be exempt from all or part of its liability if the Company believes the non-performance or improper performance of services under the Terms is attributable to the trader or to the unpredictable and insurmountable conduct of a third party unconnected with the provision of benefits under the Terms, or to a case of major force.

6.2 You are advised that if your trading account is open, you will indemnify us and protect us from and against all losses, costs, expenses, claims, demands, liability and damages in any way and that would occur as a result of your:

(a) Entry, use, or reuse of the Site; and/or

(b) Violation of any term or provision of this agreement.

You further agree to indemnify us fully, defend and protect us, as well as our agents, from and against all claims, liability, damages, losses, costs and expenses, including legal fees, resulting from your use of our trading platform.

6.3 Without prejudice to any other limitation of liability provisions of the agreement, neither we nor the supplier of the platform, nor any of our or their affiliates and related parties, will be responsible for any loss, cost or damage (occurring in any way) tied to or arising from alleged or actual causation by any of the following:
Any error due to transmission of incorrect information from you;
Any fraud, deception or distortion on your part;
Any transaction on your account trader;
Any unauthorized interception or use of data related to you or your trader account;
An inability to use or access the Site, whatever the reason;
Any action or transaction of an individual trader who is using your account;
Any cause over which we have no direct control, including problems attributable to hardware or software of the computer (including computer and platform viruses) systems, data transmission, telephone or other communications, or Internet service providers;
Loss of any transactions caused by loss or malfunction of any communications device used by you or any entity relaying information between you, us or any other company for payment.

Article 7: Free Customer Service

A trader can seek assistance from service advisors who are available to assist customers, including for the purpose of making a claim. This can be done by writing to the address above, or by completing the form accessible from the “Contact Us” on the homepage of the Site.

 Article 8: Changing the Terms of Service can freely change the Terms and shall not seek in any trader’s consent to gain acceptance of any new version of the General Conditions. If the trader does not accept changes to the General Conditions, may, after a period of thirty (30) days from the date on which the trader may have access to the modification, close the trader account.

Article 9: Fraud

Any fraud or attempted fraud, and more generally any offense manifested by a commencement of execution, will be prosecuted under the penal provisions in will be entitled to conduct a review of enhanced operations that do not appear to have any economic justification or lawful purpose. In this context, it may be required to check with the trader as to the origin of funds, the destination of the funds, the subject of the transaction, and the identity of the beneficiary, before authorizing the operation. In general,, in order to meet its obligations in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing, may be required to block suspicious transactions (such as funding, settling, and/or demand for repayment), suspend or terminate a trading account, or block withdrawals of available assets.

Any transaction by a person other than the holder of the trading account will be considered a fraud; any OPTIMARKETS account holder must trade in person on his account; if it is established that a trader made transactions on his trader’s account through a third party, the said transactions will be canceled, the initial investment will be refunded and the account will be closed.

Article 10: Intellectual and Industrial Property

We hereby bestow a personal, nonexclusive, non-transferable right to use the platform for binary options trading under the following conditions:

10.1 The Site and the platform referred to herein are protected by copyright and trademark law, and are a protected database under the database sui generis regulations. They are the exclusive property of OPTIMARKETS LTD and the platform supplier, and any reproduction, disclosure, transfer, storage, redistribution or automatic or manual extraction of data elements comprising the Site is strictly prohibited.

10.2 The trader is prohibited from:
Replicating the Site on a server or other network device, or taking any other steps to make the Site accessible to anyone through any form of screen or online service, “remote dial-in,” or network;
Granting a sub-license, rental, lease, loan, transfer or copy of his license to use the platform or making or distributing copies of it;
Translating, reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling, creating derivative works based on the platform, or changing it in any other manner;
Copying or translating any document available to the user, online or in an electronic format performing reverse engineering, decomposing, disassembling, modifying, adapting, translating, or making any attempt to do so in order to discover the source code of the platform or creating derivative works based on all or part of the platform;
Entering, accessing, attempting to enter or access or bypass the security system, or interfering in any way (including but not limited using robots and similar devices) with trading, the website, and/or, or trying to introduce any changes to the platform and/or one of its characteristics or components.

10.3 The trader does not own the platform. This platform is the property of the one granting the license, i.e. a third party company providing an online trading platform. The platform and the accompanying documentation are products belonging to the supplier and are protected worldwide by applicable copyright. A trader’s use of the platform does not give him the property or any other intellectual property rights related to this platform. The agreement involves only the license to use the platform.

10.4 All trademarks and/or trade name(s) occasionally used by OPTIMARKETS LTD and on the Site are trademarks and/or trade names of our subsidiaries or licensors, and/or other entities. We reserve all rights to the trademarks. In addition, other content on the Site including, but not limited to, the platform, images, photos, animations, videos, music, text (the “Site Content”) belong to us and our subsidiaries or licensors and are protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights. You are hereby notified that by accessing and using trading, you do not obtain any rights to the trademarks or the content of the Site and you are prohibited from using them.

10.5 Neither we nor the supplier of the platform, or anyone of our subsidiaries and partners, will be liable to you or any third party for any costs, expenses, losses or claims resulting from errors or failures of  system or communication occurring in connection with the opening of accounts or any other characteristic or component of the platform. In the event of such errors, the company will have the right, but not the obligation, to remove any component of the platform and the Site and take any other action to correct such errors.

10.6 The platform is provided “as is” without warranties, conditions, promises or representations, express or implied, statutory or otherwise. We hereby exclude all implied conditions and warranties (including those of merchantability, satisfactory quality and fitness for any particular purpose whatsoever). We do not guarantee that the platform will meet your expectations.

10.7 We do not guarantee that the platform will be able to be unprejudiced in any way or that the operation of the platform will not contain errors/mistakes or will be uninterrupted or that defects will be corrected on the platform. In case of communication errors or system failure occurring in connection with account opening or other features or components of the platform, neither we nor our platform provider shall be liable to you or any third party for costs, expenses, losses or claims arising from such errors or failures. The company also reserves the right, in case of such errors or failures, to remove any relevant trading platform and website and take any other action to correct such errors or failures.

10.8 The trader is hereby notified that it is not our responsibility to monitor your use of the platform. You use the platform at your own risk, and we cannot in any way be held liable for any direct, consequential, incidental or special damages, or for any loss of any kind. 10.9 The platform may contain confidential information that is secret and of value to us. You may not use or disclose such confidential information except in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.

Article 11: Anti Fraud Policy

In order to meet with our commitments in terms of anti fraud policy and to ensure the users of our platform a secure trading experience, we want to point out that regardless of the free additional trading volume related conditions of use, for us to be able to give a favorable response to any withdrawal request, it is necessary that the request was made at least 15 days after the investment. In addition, when investing, a list of documents will be requested by email to new registrants to avoid all fraud.


Article 12: Anti money-laundering policy

Very aware of the money laundering issue related to online financial activity, we at OPTIMARKETS are very strict as far as the transparency of our functioning is concerned for our traders to be granted a totally irreproachable trading activity. That is why, at the moment of processing a withdrawal, we can, upon specific request of the concerned trader, credit a different bank account than the one the investment was originally made from, however only if both bank accounts of the same trader are located within the same country and are the same beneficiary name.


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