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History of Binary Options Trading

How did Binary Options trading start?

Binary Option Trading is a relatively new form of  financial trading which has seen tremendous growth and success. Binary Options, also called Digital Option Trading became legal in 2007 with the OCC (Option Clearing Corporation) passing a rule with the SEC (Securities Exchange commission) allowing binary options to be traded over the counter in the major markets around the world. 

Before 2007, Binary Options were extremely complicated to trade and were part of major contracts traded thru Licensed Brokers. When law was passed to regulate binary options, the market rapidly expanded becoming a widespread way of trading for both experienced and new traders.

Digital option trading, as it was first called later took over the name Binary Option trading, became popular because of its easy way to make profits without having to be an expert in the financial market. Finally, with new easy to use binary trading platforms more and more people are taking advantage of this amazing opportunity we have in the market today.  

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